A Little About Me.

My name is Nathaniel Dodson, I run both a photography and a web design business out of the Philadelphia area. I'm 24 years old and ready to rock. I work hard and play harder, I'm driven and full of passion.

Design, Development, and Photography are three of my biggest passions. I'm the second oldest of eight children. I've played guitar for almost 10 years. In my spare time I read very old books about everything from philosophy to religion. If I wasn't a designer I'd be a musician or scholar of some sort.

It's Crucial. It's Important.

Having both an attractive and usable online presence is vital. A great website will provide your customers, clients, and followers with an online portal where they can keep up on the happenings in your world as well as generate new interest in your product/service! The website I build for you will be beautiful, modern, and tailored to exactly your needs. It will reach out and draw in your demographic all around the world. Let's build your site today!

Feel free to send me an email with details about your project. I will respond as soon as I can! No strings attached, no obligation, reach out and say something, anything, be real; I love that!